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Understanding your company's unique employment needs - and estimating how those needs are going to change in the future - is an invaluable part of developing a Second Chance Employment plan. This understanding will also inform your process as you make a variety of decisions about hiring, from the types of candidates you want to attract, to how soon and how quickly you will hire.

Turnover is expensive. Businesses spend about one-fifth of an employee's annual salary to replace that worker, which means that making the right choices about the kind of candidates you'll need in advance can save both time and money. Ask yourself what open positions you currently have or anticipate needing to fill in the next 6 months to one year. Do you have thorough job descriptions and expectations outlined for each position you'll be hiring for? What job skills, personality traits, and experiences will be most beneficial to a candidate applying for these positions? Can you articulate these clearly during an interview? What qualities have past employees in these or similar positions had that seemed to make them successful? Is your existing employee turnover rate too high, too low, or exactly where you want it to be?