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A robust onboarding and orientation program is a key part of introducing new employees to your company, and can go a long way toward improving their chances of long-term success. Beyond providing information about the organization's policies and procedures, effective orientation and onboarding should make your new employee feel comfortable, encouraging them as they become acquainted with their role and the organization's culture and values. In fact, companies with strong orientation and onboarding programs tend to see improved retention and productivity in their staff.

Some employers choose to implement mentorship programs as one component of their onboarding, which pair an experienced employee with new employees for the first few months of work. Employees who volunteer to mentor new hires can provide not only practical advice, (how to navigate parking, new technology, or unfamiliar employee systems) but also a sympathetic ear or friend to engage with. Having a familiar face and ally in a brand new work environment can be very reassuring for new hires who may not be ready to ask for all of the resources that they will need.