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In order to improve the likelihood that an employer's decision to hire Second Chance candidates does not have a punitive effect on insurance placement and pricing, it's incumbent upon the broker to properly articulate both the business case behind the decision and the infrastructure that exists, to manage the exposures an insurance provider would intuitively assign to the organization. Data exists to support the merits of Second Chance employment practices. The key is to impress upon the insurance professionals that the decision to be a Second Chance employer is a thoughtful one and is supported by both objective data and a strategic approach. Seek out this supportive data from the many organizations that embrace the Second Chance concept and insist that any team of insurance professionals leverage this information with your service providers.

Bringing the leadership of an organization that's made the strategic decision to employ people with backgrounds together with the team responsible for providing insurance product support can have a tremendous impact on the end result of the underwriting process. The most effective way for an insurance provider to fully understand the business case and controls an employer has implemented to manage the Second Chance exposures, is to open the channels of communication and provide an environment where direct access between all parties can take place.