Playbook Content Includes:

  • [icon name=”fa-check”] Your Employment Needs
  • [icon name=”fa-check”] Staffing & Recruiting
  • [icon name=”fa-check”] Interview & Assessment
  • [icon name=”fa-check”] EEOC Compliance & Background Checks
  • [icon name=”fa-check”] Onboarding & Orientation
  • [icon name=”fa-check”] Risk Mitigation
  • [icon name=”fa-check”] Financial Incentives
  • [icon name=”fa-check”] Talking About Second Chances
  • [icon name=”fa-check”] Your Company Culture
  • [icon name=”fa-check”] Selling It In

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The Second Chance Playbook is a FREE online resource to address the common questions and concerns about Second Chance Employment, or the employment of people with criminal records. The Playbook videos include candid insights and guidance from Second Chance Employment experts from a wide variety of fields, and our hope is that they will provide a framework to begin the conversation about embracing Second Chances at work!

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Your Employment Needs

Staffing & Recruiting

Interview & Assessment

EEOC Compliance & Background Checks

Onboarding & Orientation

Risk Mitigation

Financial Incentives

Talking about Second Chances

Your Company Culture

Selling It In