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Great candidates are everywhere, but understanding how to recruit them effectively is not always obvious. When your company is open and ready to begin hiring individuals with criminal backgrounds, it will be helpful to consider a variety of traditional and nontraditional recruiting methods. Many strong applicants with backgrounds may come to you via new or unfamiliar channels. Fortunately, this process can be navigated with the help of some outside resources.

Partnering with a temp or staffing agency offers a variety of benefits to employers looking to begin their Second Chance hiring with additional support. It is important, however, to find out how the staffing agency approaches applicants with criminal backgrounds. For that reason, a key ingredient in developing a successful relationship with a temp or staffing agency is educating them about your organization, so they can intimately understand your hiring needs and the nature of the candidates you want. Workforce development programs are also tremendous resources for identifying great Second Chance candidates. These programs take many forms in local communities, and also provide a full array of employment and training services to businesses and job seekers of all types, including those with criminal records.