About Us

Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation sees tremendous potential to educate and encourage businesses about the practical side of Second Chance Employment. We realize that sometimes, a lack of information or understanding about employing people with criminal backgrounds is the reason that businesses are hesitant to explore this option, and we’re here to change that. The programming developed by the foundation helps employers develop a more complete understanding of the why and how to implement Second Chance Employment within their organizations.

The Numbers

Who We Are

We are a small team with a focus on collaborating with businesses, government agencies and nonprofits focused on solutions to the myriad of issues a returning citizen faces after incarceration. Our place in this work is to curate best employment practices in partnership with businesses who are already committed to thoughtful employment. Using these partnerships and lessons learned we educate organizations on the importance of employing this part of our population in order to reduce our national recidivism rates.

Our History

Dave’s Killer Bread employs over 300 employee partners, and 1 in 3 of them has a criminal background.  Over the years Dave’s Killer Bread has embraced these individuals as vital members of the organization that power the national brand.  Seeing firsthand the passionate dedication these partners bring to the company, Dave’s Killer Bread leadership began to realize that there is a critical missing piece in the complex puzzle that underlies successful reentry after a person completes a jail or prison sentence…businesses willing to employ them.